Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs is a brave new world, and I like it.

March makes three months since we moved from Granger, Iowa. The weather here is awesome, it was 65 today and has been in the 60s and 70s for the past week.

My Mom has already been to visit, she was here this past week. Since we have moved from Alaska in 2009 I realize that I have changed alot, but that’s another story.

We are currently located in southern Colorado Springs, and we already have an offer on the house in Iowa! I will keep everyone posted on the process of selling the house which is not as fun as it may sound.

My Mom has already been to visit, she was here this past week. We are currently located in southern Colorado Springs, in a rental house. So we will be looking for a permanent house here soon when Iowa property goes through.

We also have put in an offer on a short sale but if anyone has ever dealt with a short sale before you know the process is an make offer and then wait.. and then wait some more. So we aren’t holding our breath for the deal to go through anytime soon. The house is a small ranch, about 1400sf, which we plan to live in for awhile while looking for our new dream home and then rent out.

CO Springs is definitely an adjustment from Des Moines. The air here is thin, the elevation level is actually higher than Denver: At 6,035 feet (1,839 m) the city stands over one mile (1.6 km) above sea level. It took me about a month to acclimate and then I got a cold and felt like I was dying! I couldn’t lift my arms for more than 2 seconds and even walking across the room was more than I could handle really!

The food here is so much better, between diners and Korean it can’t get much better. Which is bad for the waist line and our low-carb diet but great for the palette :)
Believe it our not for a city of 500,000 Des Moines, only had 1 Korean restaurant and it was more of a take out place that served Chinese and Korean as a side note..

It has snowed about 3 times since I’ve been here and the snow has lasted about a week. The plows are non-exsistant, which I think is either due to the snow not lasting very long or the fact that taxes are pretty low here in the “Spings.” Since Taxes are low all roads also seem to be in constant need of repair! Potholes the size of Road Island, driver beware and keep aware! I mean literally, stay aware when you are driving or you will end up hitting a pothole that will likely end up denting your rims :p

The last snow put everything in a stand still for about 3-4 days, Joe ended up being snow day’d for 2 days straight and they closed down prertty much everything except the grocery stores, Even movie theaters and malls, I know this because we tried to go see the new Star Wars and the movie theater was closed due to the snow. We have a Silverado 4×4 which I’m glad of because we can drive pretty much anywhere we want vs. drivers whom couldn’t even get up hills in their cars and 2 wheel drive trucks!

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