Colorado Shopping Show – CSS

When we first moved here, one of the first things I did was surf the radio stations. I need music in my life, and this includes in the car. When I was surfing around I found the RADIO SHOPPING SHOW! Radio stations 98.5 and 101.3.

Radio Shopping Show – SoCo Radio

Basically, you listen and buy things off the radio. Simple right? They have amazing good deals on local places too. Food, salons, shooting ranges, and even comedy.

You can get all these local places for up to 90% off if you are lucky, wait and listen and you can get certificates like the 19 for 19 and the deals come at a $1 each. So that means you can get a $60 hair session at a salon for $1!! How crazy is that!

Anywho, we have had some really great meals so far and at a great deal, so if you live in the “Springs” area don’t hesitate!

Also when not broadcasting the show, which is usually during the week Monday-Saturday, 98.5 plays some great easy listening music :)



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