I’m Heather, Married to Joe, Mother of two fur babies: Sophie and Eddy.

I’m originally from Fairbanks, Alaska. Born and raised Alaskan and I am half Alaska Native, Athabascan.
We moved to Granger, Iowa in 2009 and just recently to Colorado Springs in December 2015.
When we moved to Iowa, most of my family called it Whyowa.
We made the choice to move to Colorado in September and my Husband was moved by October and I was here by December.

We currently live at the base of the Rockie Mountains, Pike’s Peak to be exact.

I am currently working from home; Crocheting, reading, viewing movies, binge watching TV and Netflix. I review food and local spots. I make my own beauty products and jewelry and enjoy looking for the best deals possible!

Joe and I love to 4×4, also known as 4wheeling in AK, or ATVing in some of the continental united states. We just call it 4wheeling. When we left AK we brought our Kawasaki-Kodiak and our Artic Cat with us and then they sat for 6 years.. in sad disuse because Iowa has little to public riding trails. I think we decided to move to Colorado simply so we could use our ATVs!

I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar and am always on the hunt for a great low-carb recipe.

I love cake and chocolate, typical right! :)

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